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Sebona Naturals soaps are handcrafted using the cold process method. We use natural ingredients that are gentle to your skin. Our soap starts with pure vegetable oils and rich butters. These produce a nourishing bar that doesn’t clog the pores, thus allowing the skin to breathe and retain moisture. Pure essential oils and aromatic essences are used for scenting; they are chosen for both their beneficial properties and wonderful aromas.  Colors and textures are created with herbs, meals, clays and sea vegetables, thus producing an artful bar without compromising natural quality. Many hours of research, blending and testing (Never on animals--only on eager humans!) have gone into each product. I hope you enjoy our efforts; I know we do!

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Simply Mint Soap (MINT)

Cool, crisp and invigorating. A refreshing wake-up call to tired minds and bodies. This soap makes bathing a tingly experience!

Our Price: $4.65 ea

Yogurt Soap (YG)

A simple and soothing soap, rich with nourishing yogurt.

Our Price: $4.65 ea

Oasis Soap (OASIS)

An escape from dry skin! This creamy bar is packed with nourishing shea, cocoa and aloe butters, along with nutrient-rich oils.

Our Price: $4.65 ea

From Manhattan to Manaus...for Whatever Bugs You (MTM)

This soap was lovingly created for the Native Cultural Alliance, a nonprofit group that aids the indigenous tribes of the Rainforest. Mosquitoes and other insects are plentiful in the Amazon; this soap has helped keep them at bay.

Our Price: $4.65 ea

Lemongrass Soap (DG)

Imported from distant lands, lemongrass (then known as camel grass) found a place in Egyptian formulas for perfumes and other aromatic mixtures. We’ve created a fresh and invigorating blend featuring this fragrant plant.

Our Price: $4.65 ea
Lemongrass Soap

Cleopatra Soap (CLEO)

Who can imagine ancient Egypt without thinking of Cleopatra? To honor this most beautiful queen we’ve turned to the Queen of Flowers--the symbol of love--the Rose.

Our Price: $4.65 ea
Cleopatra Soap

Egyptian Bath Soap (EB)

Many plants--both locally grown and exotic imports from distant lands--were crafted into perfumes and other aromatic delights. Bathe with our luxurious fusion of both decadent and humble essential oils and discover why scents were so revered.

Our Price: $4.65 ea
Egyptian Bath Soap

Poppies n' Patchouli Soap (POP)

Poppies decorated Egyptian gardens and tombs; their images adorned walls. As our tribute to this essential flower, blue poppy seeds are sprinkled throughout the soap, which is deeply fragranced with musk and floral essences.

Our Price: $4.65 ea
Poppies n' Patchouli Soap

Cool Blue Hippopotamus Soap (HIPPO)

The ancient Egyptians created blue faiance statues of the hippopotamus–a creature they both worshipped and feared. Inspired by these works of art, we’ve created our own hippo. Our blue-hued bar cleanses you in a cool way.

Our Price: $4.65 ea
Cool Blue Hippopotamus Soap

Skyward Soap (SKY)

This unique, 'herby' blend of bergamot, clary sage and geranium is quite uplifting! Bentonite clay adds a smooth texture and creates wonderful little bubbles. To smell this soap is to love it.

Our Price: $4.65 ea
Skyward Soap

Sweet Harvest Soap (SH)

Two of nature's most beneficial ingredients, honey and oats, are combined to create a soothing and simple unscented bar that moisturizes while gently exfoliating the skin.

Our Price: $4.65 ea
Sweet Harvest Soap

Lavender Soap (LAV)

The fragrance of the finest English gardens infused into a skin-softening bar. Since antiquity, this flower has been renowned for its special ability to heal the body and soothe the soul.

Our Price: $4.65 ea
Lavender Soap

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